Balkan Heritage Travel & Tours is an incoming tour operator specialized in Albania and the Western Balkans (Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro), with main office in the Albanian capital Tirana.

In many years of activity we've guided successfully in our region thousands of individual visitors, as trusted partners of international tour operators and travel agencies, that have included Albania and the Western Balkans among their proposed destinations.    

We’re committed to guarantee our visitors the best possible experience while travelling across our region to discover its remarkable people, landmarks, history and traditions.

Our tours and travel proposals are created by tourism and communication professionals passionate about their land, with strong bonds with the territory and an intimate knowledge of its resources and peculiarities.

Inspired by the principles of responsible tourism we're also seriously committed to ensure the full respect of the environment and the local cultures. 

An important part of our engagement is the overseas promotion of our region. We're proud to have contributed, among other things, to the realization of the first best-selling travel guides dedicated to Albania in the Italian language: ‘Tirana & Albania’ and ‘Albania e Kosovo’, both published by the specialized Italian editor Morellini. 

Also thanks to our work Albania is now back on the map of international tourism destinations. 

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Customer centricity, great attention to detail and a high level of customization are the hallmarks of our partnership proposal to tour operators, travel agents, groups or associations. Our long experience in the field and the intimate knowledge of our territory, combined with the professionalism and reliability of our staff and local partners, contribute to the achievement of high quality standards and customer satisfaction. 


A perfect choice for a cultural holiday, or an archaeological tour, Albania and the Western Balkans provide also excellent opportunities for responsible tourism or active holidays in close contact with the region’s unspoilt nature. Whatever your preferences, we are here to help you with personalized proposals and tailor-made tours, for authentic and memorable travel experiences.


Authentic passion and an intimate knowledge of the territory are the main qualities of our local guides. Their expert and professional guidance takes travelers well beyond the crowded mass tourism routes, to discover the most fascinating places and the most remarkable experiences offered by the region.


The hospitality offered to travelers is one of the oldest and most important characteristics of Balkan societies. A fundamental part of our work is the identification and selection of those accommodation structures that carry on today this ancient tradition with great commitment and impeccable service standards.


A pleasant and carefree travel experience is also connected to comfortable, reliable and punctual transfer services. We rely exclusively on experienced partners, that have been working with us for over twenty years, to deliver together, with great professionalism, the requested services to our travelers.


We carefully select the best menu proposals for our travelers, wishing to transform their meals in authentic gastronomic discoveries of local culinary traditions.

Opinions of Our Travelers

  • Emilia B. (Rome, Italy)

    Emilia B. (Rome, Italy)

    Very interesting trip! It introduced me to regions, customs and monuments of a different culture, as well as to the different problems and resources of this country, thanks also to those who guided us with intelligence and sympathy.
  • Ebe B. (Rome, Italy)

    Ebe B. (Rome, Italy)

    Interesting and beautiful, the best guide and the best driver, kind and nice, always available! The local guides were also excellent!
  • Maurizio R. (Rome, Italy)

    Maurizio R. (Rome, Italy)

    An altogether very interesting and well structured trip, that alternates cultural, landscape and historical aspects
  • Michele B. (Bolzano, Italy)

    Michele B. (Bolzano, Italy)

    A very interesting and well organized trip, with excellent food and accommodations
  • Giuseppa Maria R. (Rome, Italy)

    Giuseppa Maria R. (Rome, Italy)

    Interesting tour, with beautiful visits!
  • Isabella B. (Milan, Italy)

    Isabella B. (Milan, Italy)

    I'm impressed by the beauty of Albania and its contrasts, our guide was extraordinary, he made the difference; excellent the accommodation in the farmhouse and the transfers, without an Albanian guide we'd have never made it.
  • Stefania F. (Florence, Italy)

    Stefania F. (Florence, Italy)

    Very good impressions from the hospitality in all the stops and visits!
  • Roberta B. (Scandicci, Italy)

    Roberta B. (Scandicci, Italy)

    Beautiful landscapes and an overall very interesting tour.
  • Lorenzo C. (Parma, Italy)

    Lorenzo C. (Parma, Italy)

    Particular situation and reality, great to understand the history and culture of a population non as well known as others in Europe. 

  • Daniela G. (Torino, Italy)

    Daniela G. (Torino, Italy)

    Very interesting Country, from an historic, architectonic and cultural point of view, as well as for its culinary traditions; an added value to the tour were the meetings with local people and organizations. 

  • Mario P. (Pisa, Italy)

    Mario P. (Pisa, Italy)

    Beautiful experience.
  • Tiziana C. (Milan, Italy)

    Tiziana C. (Milan, Italy)

    Accommodations and meals were all good, a few more days could be added by the sea or to hike in the inner areas.
  • Barbara M. (Livorno, Italy)

    Barbara M. (Livorno, Italy)

    Very good impressions from the tour, Albania is a really beautiful nation, rich from every point of view: human, naturalistic, cultural. An experience to be repeated (for example the North of the Country).
  • Anna Maria S. (Verona, Italy)

    Anna Maria S. (Verona, Italy)

    Contradictory Country. The excessive economic development is disquieting, maybe caused by the long isolation. Maybe more time is needed to digest a capitalist, democratic system. Much better the small rural communities, that still cultivate local uses and traditions.
  • Franco D. (Latina, Italy)

    Franco D. (Latina, Italy)

    Beautiful travel experience. Interesting Country.
  • Monica V. (Milan, Italy)

    Monica V. (Milan, Italy)

    Albania was a very pleasant surprise, a land rich in really unique natural, historic and cultural heritage. The people that the type of tour allowed us to meet, many of them and of different extractions, were all very kind and passionate about their territory.  

  • Monica V. (Milan, Italy)

    Monica V. (Milan, Italy)

    All meetings with local people were very interesting. The tour leader was very prepared, careful, kind and considerate, passionate about his Country. I really appreciated also the local guides. 

  • Stefano R. (Milan, Italy)

    Stefano R. (Milan, Italy)

    I have a real sight, concrete and vivid sensations of a land known only roughly before. Excellent driver, great accommodation solutions, especially the guesthouses, excellent guide, without any smears, really well prepared the local guides. Maybe the tour deserves a few more days. You leave with the (positive) sensation that there are still more possible explorations. 

  • Nicolò B. (Pisa, Italy)

    Nicolò B. (Pisa, Italy)

    Albania pleasantly surprised me, its a beautiful Country that deserves to be visited and better known, It has had a difficult history but nevertheless very interesting. The coexistence of the different religions should be an example to many countries in the world. 

  • Raffaello J. (Brugherio, Italy)

    Raffaello J. (Brugherio, Italy)

    Very positive impressions, very appreciated the exchange of information with the guides and the (always) expert-led visits in museums and archaeological sites.
  • Matilde L. (Rimini, Italy)

    Matilde L. (Rimini, Italy)

    Really interesting and multicolored Country.